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Tree Diagnoses

Upon our initial consultation we will diagnose your tree given the factors, such as stressors and the environment, that are affecting your trees. The Tree Nutri™ Application ( is then used to calculate the amount of Tree Nutri fertilizer that will be necessary depending on the condition, size and type of tree.

Root Aeration

Using a specialized application tool and pressure washer, injection points are made in cylindrical patterns encompassing the tree’s dripline. The dripline is the total area under the canopy of the tree and is where the large majority of a tree roots lie. Through aeration, the roots have access to more oxygen which allows the tree to pull nutrients and water from the ground more effectively. The aeration holes surrounding the tree are then used to apply the Tree Nutri fertilizer among the tree’s root system..

Tree Nutri Application

The final step is installation of the Tree Nutri product in all of the aeration points. By putting an equal amount of Tree Nutri sustained release granules in the designated dripline pattern, TreeNewal ensures your trees will receive the most benefits from the aeration and fertilizer use for up to a year. The sustained release granules allow for a single application to revitalize your trees for the whole year and reduce the amount of return visits that would be needed for multiple applications. This minimizes the intrusion our company has on your home and life!


  • Increased oxygen (root aeration) to roots help stimulate positive health and growth
  • Tree Nutri sustained release fertilizer gives nutrients to trees for up to a year
  • Tree Nutri product enables small root hair growth which increases the resilience of trees in stressed conditions
  • Only one application necessary per year
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