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MitoGrow™ Pellet 3-IA 

The pellet has characteristics that set it apart from anything else in the industry. The patented sustained release pellet contains IBA (Indole-3-Butyric Acid), amino acids and Vitamin B1 (Thiamine Hydrochloride) that promote fibrous root development, enhance cell growth and overall health of trees. The sustained release ensures that the tree receives the right amount of these elements over a continued and extended period of time.

Along with the components that set TreeNewal blended fertilizer with MitoGrow™ Pellet 3-IA apart, the pellets also include many other elements that are proven fertilizers that help stimulate tree health and vitality. It’s the combination of all parts of the TreeNewal product along with the deep root aeration that makes TreeNewal effective at bolstering the health of your trees.


  • Increased oxygen (root aeration) to roots help stimulate positive health and growth
  • TreeNewal blended fertilizer with MitoGrow™ Pellet 3-IA sustained release fertilizer provides nutrients to trees for up to a year
  • TreeNewal product enables small root hair growth which increases the resilience of trees in stressed conditions
  • Only one application necessary per year
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