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Tree Care

Golf Courses

Trees are not only aesthetically pleasing on golf courses, they also provide functional value to each hole. Sometimes removing just one tree can change the dynamic of the hole. Trees play an integral role in the formation of each player’s strategy, as they line and direct fairways.


Trees provide many benefits for cities and municipalities. They can save energy costs up to 35 percent, freeing up budgets. Trees are able to save city stormwater management costs by reducing stormwater runoff. Along with the financial benefits, the beauty that trees can bring to a city or park can be the difference that sets it apart and makes it truly beautiful.


Clients often depend on landscapers to not only design their grounds but also to maintain them. As a property’s value can be increased by as much as 20 percent with well-manicured lawns and trees, overlooking tree care can be a costly oversight. Reducing warranty replacement costs and increasing the sustained growth of trees, TreeNewal can be an effective alternative to fertilizing newly planted, existing and trees under stress.


The universities across North Texas are some of the most beautifully landscaped campuses in America. The trees are an integral part of these landscapes and are just as susceptible to adverse conditions as any other trees. Just like the mind of the students must be nurtured to grow and flourish, so must the trees that bring aesthetical beauty to these campuses.


Hotels and resorts rely on their amenities, physical appearance, and aesthetics to attract and retain customers. Trees add color and beauty in each of these instances. Adding and maintaining trees around attention oriented locations, such as the main entrance, pool, greenbelts, and pathways can increase the perceived value that guests feel during their stay. This all adds to the overall curb appeal and beauty to the landscapes of both hotels and resorts.

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