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Are your trees under stress or not in optimal health?

Let TreeNewal help your trees flourish!

What can cause tree stress?

Much like our lives, there are many factors that affect the health of a tree including stress. Some of the most common “stressors” on trees include varying climate conditions, shock from planting and transplanting trees, construction, compaction, drainage issues, drought and competition with turf and other trees. All of these issues affect the trees of North Texas, especially in an urban setting and increase the chances that bugs or diseases will attack your tree.

Tree Care - The Basics

The beautiful trees of North Texas are not only aesthetically pleasing but also add value to any landscape. Tree care starts from the ground, or rather the roots up. Tree roots perform four major functions: Anchorage – holding the tree upright; Storage – retaining energy produced by the leaves; Absorption – drawing water and minerals from the ground; and Conduction – moving absorbed materials within the tree. Since oxygen is required to perform all these functions, roots grow close to the soil surface. The top 18 inches of soil is typically home to the largest percentage of roots and overall tree health is directly related to how healthy these roots are.

Why TreeNewal?

TreeNewal LLC is a company that strives to make a difference by saving trees and landscapes. As a distributor of MitoGrow™ and a professional installer of a blended fertilizer with MitoGrow™ Pellet 3-IA, we strive to look for new and innovative ways to improve the health of trees, landscape, and turf. The patented sustained release IBA pellet promotes root hair growth on trees and plants currently in “distressed” states, as well as stimulating continued and optimal growth in established trees. TreeNewal provides a reliable and lasting solution for your tree fertilization needs. Our tree fertilization process includes:

  1. Root aeration with water injection hydro jetting
  2. Fertilizer and IBA root hair stimulator designed to help trees that are distressed.
  3. The fertilizer includes a patented pellet with Indole-3 Butyric Acid, Vitamin B1, B12, and amino acids, mycorrhizal inoculant, and Aquasorb, that stimulates and promotes fibrous root growth through a sustained released process.
  4. Treated trees will receive added benefits lasting up to a year depending on the tree’s original condition.

Symptoms that indicate your tree may need help:

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